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About us

Quarkonium Working Group Programm

The Quarkonium Working Group (QWG) is a collaboration of experimenters and theorists who are, primarily, members of the high-energy physics and nuclear physics communities. The goals of the QWG are to identify critical issues in quarkonium physics, to foster discussion among experts in the field, and to facilitate experimental measurements and theoretical advances that are aimed at addressing the critical issues. The QWG furthers these goals by organizing regular workshops and by writing review articles that disseminate information about quarkonium physics to the broader high-energy and nuclear physics communities. The QWG also enriches the education and training of young physicists by supporting their participation in QWG workshops and by organizing lecture series. The QWG focuses on the following topics in quarkonium physics: production, decay, spectroscopy, quarkonia in media, standard-model measurements, searches for physics beyond the standard model, and automated calculations and interfaces to Monte Carlo event generators.

QWG Topical Groups

Quarkonium Working Group has a list of subgroups, each of which concentrate its work on a specific topic. You can find a detailed information regarding QWG Topical groups, as well as a list of Topical Conveners in Topical groups page.

QWG Experiments Liaisons

Quarkonium Working Group has many liaisons with outer experimental groups. The list of the experiments, as well as liaison people could be found on the Experiments page.

QWG Web Development Team

This website was created by Andrii Dashko in 2021, and is largely built on the older version of the website, created by Roberto Mussa and Antonio Vairo. The website is currently maintained by Tom Magorsch. The QWG twitter accounts is maintained by Panayiotis Panayiotou and the instagram site is managed by ---

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