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The interactive plots are created by Tom Magorsch & Lin Dai. Many thanks to Marco Scodeggio, Chris Quigg, Alex Bondar, Tom Browder and Patrick Koppenburg for inspiration (layout of the figures are inspired by Patrick Koppenburg, link: https://www.nikhef.nl/~pkoppenb/particles.html ).

The Data Tables (password protected) are available here: ATLAS, Belle, BES3, CDF-D0, CMS, LHCb

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ATLAS Belle BESIII CDF-D0 CMS LHCb Production of X(3872) versus psi(2S) Prediction for exotics production at upcoming experiments

If you use these data please acknowledge the QWG Exotics hub at: https://qwg.ph.nat.tum.de/exoticshub/